For those who have to worry about these things, Chancel Repair Liability (CRL) properly fits in the category of nightmarish concerns. Property owners (both land owners and home owners on estates built on former church lands*) have been apprehensive of finding out that they might be affected by CRL and fearful of what it might […]

In a  previous post on this topic I wrote Would assisting someone’s death always be the wrong thing to do because it remained killing, even if done for the right reason of compassion? Could the rightness of such an obviously compassionate act still be wrong- because killing is always wrong? This exasperating circularity cast me […]

The most successful management trick in the book is the one that convinces those managed that what they are being persuaded to do was their own idea in the first place. Diplomacy employs a similar strategy: the art of diplomacy, so I heard it explained once, is to allow others to get YOUR way. Echoes […]

A long time ago, it was drilled into me that no piece of writing should begin with the first person singular. Saying this dates me: to a time before the social media obsession with self; a time when the selfie would have been deprecated as evidencing questionable self-regard; a time when it was considered good […]

What I couldn’t do with € 73m – that was the thought that went through my head as I heard on the news that someone in the country had won the € millions lottery. I’ve got a bucket list. First, it would be our church roof, and the cost of the planned extension. Then (because […]

It’s so tempting to overlook this day- to avoid looking agony in the face; to regard it as just a staging post on the way to Easter. After all, we already know how it will end so isn’t it a bit artificial to immerse yourself in the blackness of what precedes the big feast? We […]

The blue crocodile chattered down the park on its way to St Mary’s. Y1 of the local state school was visiting the church as part of the RE curriculum and this lesson was about special buildings. Out of curiosity I had a look at some of the lesson material that’s available on line, to get […]

How things come together! Maggi Dawn’s transatlantic blog post on doing the right thing for the wrong reasons.  Yesterday evening’s 7Past7 15-minute reflective service at St Mary’s Wivenhoe, with Erwin juxtaposing the parable of the prodigal son and the film Amadeus; the elder ‘brother’ (Salieri in the film) in each case having done the right […]

Exciting things have been happening: St Mary’s has been fitted up (steady…!) with a new web site. It’s at and it’s creation has dispensed with one of this site’s raisons d’être:  Forthcoming Events, and the periodical News items that were featured here can now all be found on the new site. As duplication is […]

Originally posted on Parish the Thought:
It is often observed that Christianity deliberately coincided Christian High days with older, Pagan festivals in an effort to supplant those traditions and it is certainly true that the coincidence is quite remarkable – so remarkable in fact that, were the argument to be put before any jury in…

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